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Free for customers to urgently find nearby plumbers in real-time!

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Searching for a Plumber? 

Having a plumbing issue is frustrating enough. With U-Plumber you don't need to keep searching and calling for help. All you need to do is submit a plumbing Service Request then sit back and wait for a response.

Select Best Plumber's Offer


In an emergency situation, you are no longer at the mercy of one plumber. You have the choice to accept the quickest response or select the best offer from available plumbers.

Plumbers Available 24/7


The U-Plumber platform is available 24/7 for emergency plumbing services. With U-Plumber, you will see available plumbers in real time thus allowing you to effectively choose a plumber nearby who can help you.

Easily Interact with Plumbers

U-Plumber allows you to effectively provide a description of your plumbing needs and even allows you to add pictures and video. This will make it easier for your plumber to understand your situation and be prepared to provide the best plumbing solution for your needs.

Common Emergency Plumbing Issues

The following plumbing issues are the common problems that homeowners should not wait for an appointment because it could lead to serious damage.

U-Plumber Water Heater

Leaking Water Heater

The leaking water heater can't be stop by shutting off the valve. The hot water may cause a serious water damage.

U-Plumber Drain

Clogged Drain

The clogged drain could cause a flood in the house.

U-Plumber Pipe

Bursting Pipe

You may have to shut off the main water valve when having a bursting pipe. That means no running water for the whole place.

U-Plumber Gas Leak

Gas Leak

Gas leak is the most dangerous. In the winter time, without gas for heating, it could lead to a freezing to death.

U-Plumber Sewage

Backup Sewage

Sewage backups not only present unpleasant odor problems, they may cause property damage and present unhealthy living conditions

U-Plumber Toilet

Toilet Overflowing

If you are having a party and your guest bathroom toilet overflowing, you probably can't wait to get it fixed.

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Can't wait for a plumbing appointment?

Are you having an emergency problem like a flood, broken water heater, overflow toilet, or backup sewage? Those types of services can't wait for an appointment. If you couldn't find a plumbing service provider in time, that could lead to a serious and potentially expensive water damage problem.

Yes!! you urgently need to find a nearby plumber fast. You search online for a plumbing service that is open 24/7. You continue to call and call but still, you can't find someone available. In fact, some available plumbers nearby would never be found due to search limitations and they have no way to reach you either.

U-Plumber Mobile App Solution

We realized this difficulty so we developed the "U-PLUMBER" platform to help solve this problem. U-PLUMBER will accept your service request and keep your contact information confidential during the process. You will not be bothered by the service provider's phone call until AFTER you accept an offer. With U-Plumber If you choose to submit a request with a choice of "open for the multi-offers", you may receive several offers from nearby plumbers to pick from.

You can view how much the plumber charges per hour, and the estimated work hour, and also be able to read the previous review. The offer is not a set price. Most providers need to meet you at the job site in order to give you the exact price. With the offer, you can also see the distance and estimated travel time to your place. This information will help you choose your best plumber.

find available plumbers app

Simply submit your service request
and wait for a response from nearby plumbers.  We'll locate the right highly recommended local plumber for your plumbing needs so you can get help fast!

Request plumbing service app

We offer variety services such as bathtub, dishwasher, drain, faucet, fireplace, furnace, garbage disposal, pipe, refrigerator, sewage, sink, sprinkle, thermostat, toilet, water filter, water heater, air condition, water leak, gas leak etc. 

offers from nearby plumbers

View an offer from each provider, you would be able to see their name, labor rate, license number, distance and estimated travel time. You also can read their previous job review if any.


Looking for a plumber should be as easy as looking for a driver.

U-Plumber Introduction

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