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U-Plumber for Providers

U-PLUMBER Pro is a way for providers to FIND NEARBY CUSTOMERS in real-time. You can view a brief service request, pick and choose what job and where you want to go. No longer wait for a phone call, reduce your traveling time, and make the most money of your time. You pay only if a customer accepts your offer. That means a guaranteed lead.

nearby plumbing leads, plumbing advertising, plumbing marketing
nearby plumbing leads, plumbing advertising, plumbing marketing
free plumbing leads, plumbing advertising
guaranteed preferred plumbing lead, plumbing advertising

U-Plumber Provider is available to download via both Apple Store and Google Play store. It is free for signing up and respond to a lead. You will be asked to pay for a lead only when your offer has been accepted by a customer.
Registering a new account by download the U-Plumber Pro app and then upload your document at below link, you will  receive  a one time free bonus credit of $100 (One hundred US Dollars). This amount may be varied from time to time. 
The credit balance can be refilled or purchased in app. We accept the credit card payment via Visa/Master/Discovery/American Express via Stripe payment system. If you have any difficulty signing up, please contact our customer service at 760-517-6553 or email

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