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Customer is King

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Customer is King, is an old saying to remind how important customers are for businesses. They have the right to choose the best of your product or services that fit their needs. You make them feel that they have power to make decisions. You don’t tell them what to do and you make things easy for them.

When it comes to an urgent plumbing issue, it has never been easy for a king to find the right plumber.

Why does the King have to spend time searching online?

How does the King know who is available?

Why does the King have to keep calling and asking for help?

According to the marketing concept, there are supplies and demands. Since the Google search engine has been around, they have been focusing on supply listing. They make sure that you can search for all available suppliers and providers but not the other way around, you would not be able to search for demand.

Would it be better if a business owner can search who wants their service or product?

What if we can have a platform that focuses on specific customer demand and have all related suppliers or service providers come on the platform and find their customers?

Being a king, customers would feel like they have some control and power. Time is also matters, the king wants to have a response like a flick of a finger.

U-Plumber platform will make customers become a REAL KING! It's simple and easy and It’s absolutely free!

For plumbers, you can save time and money by being a provider on the U-Plumber, you can easily find a customer and a preferred job nearby in real-time.

Becoming a provider today, check out

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