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Do plumbers have choices to pick and choose the jobs?

Recently I listened to a plumbing podcast about "Finding the perfect customer" 2 Plumbers were talking about many plumbers were facing a problem of the unwanted jobs and they were reluctant to say "No" to the customers. Some of the unwanted jobs are - Too Dirty Jobs such as a drain cleaning, septic tank pumping etc. - Too far way job - Not really an expert in that type of job - No spare parts or tools for that job

When you have answered a call, it was hard for plumbers to say "no" even though they don't want that job. There are few solutions that the Pod Caster recommended that plumber has to refer the job to other providers or tell customer that they are not an expert and customer should look for other provider. WOULD IT BE BETTER IF PLUMBERS HAVE CHOICES TO PICK AND CHOOSE A PERFECT JOB AND A PERFECT CUSTOMER? U-PLUMBER Pro is a mobile app for plumbing providers. Provider can select the preferred service types and service area. They will receive notifications only a new service request that matched their preferred selection. Providers do have choices to respond to a service request or not. Only available providers can respond to a new service request. Although the customer has the ultimate decision. In case a customer has several offers from nearby providers, customer has to choose to accept only one provider. For provider you pay for the lead only when customer has accepted your offer. Sign up to become U-PLUMBER provider today. It's free to sign up and receive a $100 free trial credit!

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