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Toilet & Wax Ring Crud

Everyday we take multiple visits to our bathroom toilet. Since you are already there, take a moment to look and evaluate the condition of the toilet around the toilet base where it touches the floor. If it is wet or moist around that area or the caulking material that runs all the way around the base is starting to crack, peel or dry out then you probably need to have a wax ring replacement. The wax ring provides a tight seal from water and gases. Not doing so can result in unwanted smelly sewer gasses escaping and causing an unpleasant order but the real damage can cause a faulty seal thus creating water damage to the property

and/or unhealthy mold growth issues. "NOBODY WANTS THAT."

So if it looks old a cruddy, contact your local plumber to replace it for you. Its a quick and easy fix and will save you $$$ in building repairs and headaches.

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