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Water Heater Blues

Water heaters and installation can be expensive, and I can think of many other things I would prefer to spend my hard earned money on. I live in San Diego and the water typically contains lots of mineral content which eventually build up sediment in the water heater. Do yourself a favor and drain your water heater at least once per year and you can possibly extend its life by 2-3 years or even avoid a water heater burst which can create a larger and more expensive headache by causing unnecessary property damage. Its an easy process and here is the general steps associated with the process. If this process sounds like too big of a project for you, please contact a trained professional and/or ask someone who is experienced with water heater maintenance.

1.Turn the Water Heater Off.

2.Turn the Cold Water Valve Off.

3.Let the water inside cool...a few hours should do the trick

4..Attach a drain or garden hose to the drain valve on the side of the tank.

5. Place the end of the hose in drain or large bucket. (Its probably best to use a sufficient drain instead of a bucket..we are talking about 40-70 gallons of water depending on the size of your water heater)

6. Turn the hot water on in a few faucets inside the house to help stop a vacuum from forming.

7.Sart draining the tank by (SLOWLY) turning on the drain valve. Use an appropriate screwdriver when turning the drain valve.

After you've completely drained the tank, and removed the sediment within your water heater, you're almost done! To fill your tank again, turn the drain valve off, and remove the hose. Turn the cold water valve back on and turn the heating elements back to the on position.

Make sure that your taps are still on, and once they return to a normal flow, turn them off. You'll want to wait about 30 minutes to test for hot water. The water heater should have heated the gallons of water within the tank again, sediment free!

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